Rescue Earth Sustainability Credit Exchange (South Africa)

The Rescue Earth Sustainability Credit Exchange (South Africa) -- -- is the heart of the Rescue Earth System / Regenerative Earth Initiative.

The RE Exchange logs the sustainability credits / carbon credits earned by
Rescue Earth volunteers and those purchased by donors.

A RESCUE -- pronounced as rescue – is a measurable Sustainability Credit and Carbon Credit.

RESCUE are represented by the RE ‘currency' symbol when using the Sustainability Credit Exchange.

Membership in South Africa is R100 once-off.

Community Exchange System

The Rescue Earth Community Exchange System is a community-based exchange system that provides the means for its members to exchange home grown & homemade food. 1 Quanta (Qu) = 1 ZAR (R)

Qu are also used to purchase certain items in the Rescue Earth System.

Qu are exchanged for ZAR to fund the 20 Regenerative Restoration Initiatives


Ad Value (AV) are purchased by businesses using the ads 4 a cause fundraising system (

Funds are used for funding UN SDG related goals of Rescue Earth Projects that are approved for ads 4 a cause funding.

100% of all the ZAR raised by the ads 4 a cause fundraising system are paid directly into the bank accounts of registered NPOs by businesses. 

Businesses also get to choose the causes they wish to support.